Exploring The Science Of Reiki

Reiki is an energy originating in Japan which has been practiced in the western hemisphere for only the past five decades. It is practiced by several million people worldwide and continues to gain popularity for its amazing healing benefits.

To explore Reiki from a scientific standpoint we need to examine some concepts of scientific theory.Absolute validation can be achieved in different ways. It is essential to give a rational understanding of the parameters of some phenomena based on the logic of true scientific principles.

The best example of this is the scientific explanation of Reiki using terminology such as  subatomic matter,mirror imaging,votex theory, and unpolarized. These examples are far and away the best way of  the need of bringing to life a scientific explanation which so many Reiki Practitioners exhibit . There is, however,some limiting factors to consider. The analytical use of physics terminology is not a scientific validation of Reiki energy. That is only a rational explanation based on common but very often contradictory terms used in the realm of physics.As we will explore later, we can apply those labels to Reiki based upon our  scientific observations.

The whole realm of high energy physics is new and always advancing and at this time in our limited understanding we cannot always see things for what they are. When you are explaining it outside of the laboratory, it is completely appropriate to reduce complex theory and use basic scientific terms because we are using them to create a strong a conceptual framework for the understanding of the clinical observations of Reiki but not to validate the science as stand alone proof.

Reiki is in fact considered non polarized subatomic energy that is released as a harmonic into energy blueprints within the body that are in a state of disharmony. Once the energy leaves the subatomic world, it must polarize because it is entering the physical, manifest world where it is impacted by time. Because the energy is….in a natural sense, a harmonic, it will polarize and form a copy of any disharmonious frequency in that energy blueprint, thereby restoring normal harmony and well being. This, in turn, accelerates the important natural healing processes within the body.

If you are interested in learning Reiki yourself there are many options available including online Reiki classes and training seminars.Anyone can learn Reiki and become a Reiki practitioner with proper instruction and what’s called a Reiki attunement that is performed by your primary teacher.

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