Science Networks is the longest running popular science program on Spanish TV. Since 1996, many of the world’s leading scientists have appeared on it to talk about the most ground-breaking ideas and research that have expanded the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

Broadcast every week by Spanish state channel TV and on TV’s international channel, Redes has an audience of millions of viewers in Spain and Latin America, its presenter and host, has interviewed hundreds of scientists from all over the world, especially in the US and the UK, and he is now presenting, a selection of programmes from the series translated into English which can be freely accessed on this website.

ScienceNetworks was made possible by an agreement between TelventRedes’ adaptation to the English-speaking audience was done by SmartPlanet, a production company based in Barcelona, Spain –a young group of scientists and journalists who also co-produces Redes along with TVE.

 Science Networks today
Maximizing resources in order to reach a more sustainable and secure model around the World is one of the challenges that Science Networks faces, which has vast experience in developing solutions and services that help manage energy sources more efficiently. Suites and technologies deployed by Science Networks reduce CO2 emissions and improve traffic safety, optimize the complete water management and treatment cycle, and strengthen food supplies by improving efficiency and distribution in food production.

Science Networks is a global IT solutions and business information services provider dedicated to helping improve efficiency and reliability for the world’s leading companies. Science NetworkS markets that are critical to the sustainability of the planet, including the energy, transportation, agricultural and environmental sectors.