Bathroom Renovations of the Future

The future of bathroom renovations will include far more than just new technology and space aged fixtures. New innovations will feature advanced programmable features and highly customisable operating systems.Connected bathrooms will continue to be the standard, as toilets open automatically and shut and clean themselves much like you may have seen in today’s airport bathrooms. As technology pushes forward offensive or embarrassing odors and noises may no longer be an issue in the bathrooms of the future.Currently many bathroom remodel projects in luxury homes are already implementing some of these high tech features.

Scientific Advances in Showers, Tubs, Sinks and Faucets

The Neuhaussen Innovation Award  for 2015 went to new advancement in showers at the annual German trade show in Berlin. The Stadtt Industries Limited combination air extractor fan plus flush-mounted shower head won 1st prize in the design competition . The highly functional shower unit created a more streamlined bathroom design in the future by removing the need for a separate exhaust fan while balancing functional and technological features.

The 2014  grand prize was awarded to Chris Wilhelm for a smart shower concept unit called the Rhine. This highly advanced stainless steel shower design will utilize new technology for virtual interactive glass panel systems in the shower structure. Smart media software integrated into the shower syncs with multiple smart devices, allowing users to make phone calls and watch videos directly from inside the shower stall.

Vaxpro, creator of world famous proprietary vacuum technology will be rolling out the Stealth Max Hand Dryer. It incorporates a lightning fast air drier directly into the faucet of a sink, so you will no longer need to drip water across the bathroom looking for the paper towel dispenser or the hand drier. Additionally, your hands will dry almost instantly inside the sink in less than 7 seconds. Non Vaxpro driers can take over a minute to deliver the same result.

With all these technological advances in bathroom function the next wave of bathroom designs and renovations are sure to be exciting.As efficiency is king in the bathroom this new wave of products will be in high demand among vail home builders and commercial property developers for years to come.