The Truth About Your Credit

Do you have an abundance of debt, rather it be credit cards, medical bills or high interest auto loans? If you answered yes to any of these then you are not alone. More than ever now people are barely scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck and can barely cover our monthly expenses and it seems we get further and further behind on our secondary bills such as credit cards and medical bills. Do you find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Hard working Americans need help with their financial blemishes. Credit Repair Phoenix might be a good option if you are struggling with negative information on your credit report. Your credit report needs to be up to par if you want the best deals on your credit card interest rates and even your mortgage. Your credit report affects many aspects of your life rather you are aware of it or not. If you have a low credit score, your interest rates are much higher. They see you as a higher risk and unfortunately this keeps you in a cycle of paying more money every month than you have. It is important to be aware of any changes on your credit report. Negative items even collections or late payments can drop your credit score drastically.

Credit repair consultants can help you determine what may be beneficial to the health of your credit. They can try and get the credit bureaus to remove old collections, mistaken identity, or even old inquiries from your credit report. Credit repair consultants have the ability to process the appropriate paperwork specifically for your individual credit repair needs. Most people have errors on their credit report they do not even know they have or realize they might have duplicate accounts, all which lower your credit score every time it is reported to the credit bureaus.

For a very conservative fee every month, credit repair consultants can remove most negative items from your credit report which then raises your credit score. You are in control of your own financial security and financial benefits. You can take action now and save yourself money by calling all of your credit card companies and asking them to lower your interest rates. The worst thing they can say is no. You must start taking a proactive approach if you want to save yourself from paying extremely high interest rates on future credit cards, auto loans and mortgage loans.

Credit bureaus are not your enemy, the financial institutions that report to the credit bureaus are but they can also be your best friend depending if you are in good standing with them or not. Financial institutions such as your credit card lenders, auto loan lenders and mortgage lenders are the ones that check your credit score and determine what your limit is and how much interest they are going to charge you. Everyone can benefit from hiring a credit repair consultant firm, rather you have excellent credit or very poor credit.

If you want more cash in your wallet every month instead of paying high interest rates then start now by educating yourself and start using self discipline and refrain from unhealthy spending habits. It is easier said than done but the benefits can last a lifetime of being financially better off.

The Evolution of SEO in 2018

Today’s strategy of building backlinks to boost your SEO is almost obsolete and it’s about to change dramatically. Automated email swipes with the same old pitch to “guest post” on external sites is going to start producing  diminishing results as we move into 2018 . While this tactic can be effective, I’m going to share some inside strategies to supercharge your backlinking  efforts. Here’s some insights into the evolution of SEO and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Get out of your office

You need to get away from your office and start engaging business owners in your local community. Networking face to face and letting people know how you can help their business is extremely important and effective.


Approach each business directly and offer them something of value such as helping them claim their local listings. Go to community networking events and build relationships with local businesses that could benefit from your services. This will not only help expand your business by introducing yourself but it will help you get referrals by building your brand and growing your circle of influence.


In case you have been living under a rock and have no idea about SEO, backlinks are the principle foundation to Google’s algorithm. Page Rank works by evaluating the quality of inbound links and the overall volume of links to determine a rough estimate of how important the website to potential visitors online.Back in the early days of SEO webmasters tried to game the system. They’d build thousands of spammy or non-authoritative links going pointing back to their site. Webmasters also stuffed keywords into their site to rank for those search terms.This worked prior to 2012 but Google got smart and released several updates that penalized these practices.

Backlinks matter.

Taylor Bracken of Scottsdale SEO recently analyzed thousands of ranking signals on Google  to answer the question, which variables in Google’s algorithm deliver page one rankings for competitive keywords.

Taylor’s top two findings are that, first, backlinks remain the essential ingredient in Google’s ranking factor. The number of domains  directly linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor. Second, a site’s overall link authority as measured by Moz strongly correlates with higher rankings in SERP’s.

Stand out from the crowd.

Obviously, backlinks are still key to ranking high on Google but to be successful as an SEO you just have to be bold and build long term relationships. That’s why I recommend going out into the community on a weekly basis to forge relationships with business owners. You can see how I built my SEO agency by offering something of value to potential clients. Also, branding yourself as an expert in SEO is a great way to build trust in your field. By offering free advise and marketing great content you are sure to attract quality backlinks for yourself and your clients as well. Proof of skills is vital in the SEO business so ranking highly in your own local search is a goo idea and well as providing case studies from previous clients to showcase your results.


Bathroom Renovations of the Future

The future of bathroom renovations will include far more than just new technology and space aged fixtures. New innovations will feature advanced programmable features and highly customisable operating systems.Connected bathrooms will continue to be the standard, as toilets open automatically and shut and clean themselves much like you may have seen in today’s airport bathrooms. As technology pushes forward offensive or embarrassing odors and noises may no longer be an issue in the bathrooms of the future.Currently many bathroom remodel projects in luxury homes are already implementing some of these high tech features.

Scientific Advances in Showers, Tubs, Sinks and Faucets

The Neuhaussen Innovation Award  for 2015 went to new advancement in showers at the annual German trade show in Berlin. The Stadtt Industries Limited combination air extractor fan plus flush-mounted shower head won 1st prize in the design competition . The highly functional shower unit created a more streamlined bathroom design in the future by removing the need for a separate exhaust fan while balancing functional and technological features.

The 2014  grand prize was awarded to Chris Wilhelm for a smart shower concept unit called the Rhine. This highly advanced stainless steel shower design will utilize new technology for virtual interactive glass panel systems in the shower structure. Smart media software integrated into the shower syncs with multiple smart devices, allowing users to make phone calls and watch videos directly from inside the shower stall.

Vaxpro, creator of world famous proprietary vacuum technology will be rolling out the Stealth Max Hand Dryer. It incorporates a lightning fast air drier directly into the faucet of a sink, so you will no longer need to drip water across the bathroom looking for the paper towel dispenser or the hand drier. Additionally, your hands will dry almost instantly inside the sink in less than 7 seconds. Non Vaxpro driers can take over a minute to deliver the same result.

With all these technological advances in bathroom function the next wave of bathroom designs and renovations are sure to be exciting.As efficiency is king in the bathroom this new wave of products will be in high demand among vail home builders and commercial property developers for years to come.