The greatest scientists of our time share their most profound ideas. Radical thinking that changes our lives, available on-line and brought by Eduard Punset, the most acclaimed Spanish science writer and TV presenter.

Brain and Mind

videos about:
behaviour, neuromarketing, neuroscience,
emotions, social and emotional learning,
creativity, decision making, psychology,
cognition, identity, happiness,
intelligence, perception, ethics,

Evolution on Earth

videos about:
Darwin, genetic, DNA, natural selection,
adaptation, biology, epigenetic,
mutation, evolutionary psychology,
evolutionary biology,
sexual selection, creationism

Physics and Universe

videos about:
string theory, gravity, black hole, multiverse,
Big Bang, brane, galaxy, star formation,
extra dimensions, hyperspace,
time, LHC, supersymmetry, cosmology,
antimatter, Higgs bosson, quantum mechanics

Biotechnology and Health

videos about:
biology, nanotechnology, artificial life,
synthetic biology, social and emotional learning,
genetic engineering, creativity, decision making,
cognition, identity, happyness,
intelligence, perception, ethics,

Future and Technology

videos about:
nanotechnology, augmented reality,
virtual reality, telepresence,
cyberspace, internet, cyborgs,
artificial intelligence, singularity,
Turing test, bionics, robots


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